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Casa Grande AZ Bed Bug ExpertNeed to get rid of bed bugs? Phoenix Bed Bug Expert offers guaranteed bed bug treatment and extermination. Bed bug treatments come with a one year warranty.

We have been in the bed bug industry for 4+ years and have helped thousands of Arizona residents get rid of their bed bugs through our guaranteed treatments.

Bed Bug Treatment Options – Heat & Chemical

Phoenix Bed Bug Expert offers two different types of treatments – heat treatment or chemical treatment. Both are effective and guaranteed to exterminate your bed bugs. Please read below for more information about our treatment options:

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

  • Heat kills all stages of bed bugs including adults, nymphs, and eggs with just one treatment
  • Non-toxic, non-chemical approach that penetrates mattresses, wall cavities, and other hard to reach places
  • One treatment is all it takes – then your bed bugs are gone
  • One year guarantee – if bed bugs return, you are protected with our warranty
  • All bed bugs are 100% eliminated following treatment, providing instant relief

Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

  • This method kills all bed bugs and bed bug eggs within 30 days in most cases
  • Treat entire home – chemical spray penetrates everything from baseboards to furniture to home furnishings, ensuring all bed bugs come in contact with chemical
  • Detailed treatment ensuring all cracks and crevices in furniture are treated
  • Bed bugs are instantly killed once they make contact with the chemical

To request service, just give us a call at 623-202-7924 or fill out our online estimate form. Below we have provided additional information about bed bugs.


Commercial Bed Bug Treatment in Casa Grande AZ

In addition to residential properties and homes, we also provide 100% guaranteed commercial bed bug treatments to apartment complexes, office buildings, hotels/motels, nursing homes, senior living facilities, assisted living facilities, sober living and rehab facilities, and more.

How to Choose a Casa Grande Bed Bug Exterminator

Bed BugsIt is often a difficult task to get rid of bed bugs and no home remedy proves to be a permanent solution. That is because bed bugs are resistant to home remedies, along with store-bought bed bug sprays from home improvement stores.

Not all pest control services have experience with bed bugs. Amongst pest control experts, bed bugs are the #1 rated pest when it comes to the difficulty to exterminate. It is certainly a more specialized process than exterminating any other kind of pest. Because of this, it’s extremely important you hire a licensed exterminator that specializes in bed bugs.

The process followed by bed bug exterminators

Usually, bed bug exterminators start by doing a visual inspection of homes, paying attention to areas like your bedroom or wardrobe spaces. After a visual inspection, there are two kinds of bed bug treatments offered:

  • Heat Treatment – In the first form of bed bug treatment, heat is used. With specialized equipment for heating, the bed bug infested rooms, as well as other areas, are heated up to about 150 degrees. This exterminates all bed bugs as well as eggs on the same day, leaving you ‘bed bug-free’ after the heat treatment is done. Although a heat treatment is more expensive than a chemical treatment, it does provide that same-day relief along with a one year guarantee that you will not get them again.
  • Chemical Treatment – The other form of treatment is a chemical spray. With a chemical treatment, our spray penetrates into different parts of the furniture, crevices and corners, as well as sprayed under the bed and box spring. The chemical treatment takes up to 30 days to take full effect because bugs need to come in contact with our chemical to die. The eggs, when they hatch, will also come in contact with the chemicals. This entire process can take about 30 days through a spray.

To help you get rid of your bed bug infestation, contact us at 623-202-7924.

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We were beyond impressed with Anthony’s customer service! We no longer have any bugs, he was very friendly and quick.

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