How to Check Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs


How to Check Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

1. Leave Luggage Off Floor

When you enter the room, leave all luggage off the floor (using a luggage rack is a great idea) until you have inspected the whole room.

2. Check Out That Bed

Grab a flashlight (or flashlight app on your phone) and pull the blanket and linens off the bed until the mattress is exposed. Begin at the corners (where bed bugs like to hide). You are looking for tiny bugs or dark brown blood spots. Check along the whole mattress, all corners and sides.

3. Check The Boxspring

Bed bugs are excellent hiders, so after checking the mattress, lift up the box spring and check for the same signs of bed bugs. Pay attention to cracks and crevices.

4. Don’t Forget Headboard and Nightstand

Checking the headboard and nightstands near the bed is another common place for bed bugs. Don’t forget to open the drawers and give it a quick look with your flashlight.

5. Check Furniture – Couches/Chairs

Check the seams and folds of any upholstered furniture in your room. Couches, chairs, and even give the curtains a quick check.

6. The Closet

Check the ironing board the same way you checked the bed. Your flashlight will come in handy again to check the corners, door tracked, shelves, and hangers.

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