Preventing a Bed Bug Infestation


Bed Bug PreventionAfter proving treatment for a customer, they will often ask what they can do to prevent a future bed bug infestation.

Besides our chemical/pesticide which will provide a barrier against potential future infestations, here are some things you can do to prevent them from getting into your home again:

#1. Do Not Bring Used Furniture Into Your Home

Not all used furniture will be infested by bed bugs, but used furniture can be a potential source of bed bugs. We have seen many cases where used furniture was bought into the home only to lead to the entire home being infested

#2. Do Not Go to a Home with Bed Bugs

If a person lets you know that they have bed bugs, do not go over to their home. Even if they claim it’s only in one room or isn’t a big deal… bed bugs can hitchhike from their home to yours on your clothes or purse.

#3. Do Not Set Your Bag or Purse Down

When you are out in public or even in your hotel room, you do not want to set your purse, bag, or luggage on the ground. If you are in a hotel room, use the luggage rack or place your bags in the bathtub while you inspect the room for bed bugs.

#4. Remove Clothing, Bag, and Launder

Bed bugs can travel on your clothes from any public area. Each time you come home, in your garage or laundry room, you should remove your clothing and place them in a sealed bag. Wash contaminated clothes and dry on the hottest setting in the dryer

In conclusion it is very difficult to prevent a bed bug infestation but if you follow the preventative steps above you are much more likely to never have to worry about dealing with another bed bug infestation.

Because a bed bug infestation can\ come from just about anywhere, removing and bagging your clothing before entering your home each time is the only way to be certain you are not bringing bed bugs in your home. This is what all of our bed bug technicians do every day before entering their homes.

If you end up finding yourself with a bed bug infestation, we can provide two types of treatments that will eliminate all bed bugs and eggs. Both treatments are 100% guaranteed to work.

The first and best treatment we offer is a heat treatment. A bed bug heat treatment consists of heating up each room up to 150 degrees with our specialized heating equipment. Bed bugs and eggs are not able to withstand this temperature and will not survive. This treatment is the best because it works instantly on the same day we treat.

The second and lower cost option is a chemical/pesticide treatment. With this treatment, we chemically treat the entire property. In order to eliminate an entire infestation, it can take up to 30 days. This is because all bed bug eggs must hatch and crawl over our applied pesticide.

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