How Bed Bugs Are Able to Resist Pesticides


Bed bug chemical treatment in PhoenixDid you know that bed bugs can be resistant to chemicals? They produce a detoxifying enzyme that is used to counter the insecticide effect.

It only takes one generation of bed bugs to build up a resistance to a pesticide and their offspring can become even more resistant.

Do it yourself (DIY) bed bug prevention methods are being used incorrectly and the only chemicals that actually work, are very expensive and should only be applied by professional and licensed bed bug exterminators.

Most homeowners are unaware that bed bugs have a protective armor that is able to shrug off pesticides, but it is a serious problem and a reason why many people decide to go with the heat treatment option instead.

Bed bugs are not the only bug that has been exposed to many different pesticides and adapted to the chemicals. However because bed bugs are the most difficult pest to get rid of, professional treatment is often the only option to fully eradicate an infestation.

Since DDT has been outlawed, bed bugs have been on the rise in the United States for decades now. New pesticides that enter the bugs’ nervous system are available to professional exterminators who keep up-to-date on what works and what doesn’t and are experts at providing bed bug extermination treatments.

Heat treatment by a professional is another option, and it is the best, non-toxic way to eradicate bed bugs from your home in just one day.

The Wrong Treatment for Bed Bugs Makes Things Worse

There are many pesticides you can buy at the local hardware store that claim to kill bugs but also warn you that they may not be the only defense against bed bugs. They may kill some of the bugs but not all of them and when the chemicals used are not strong enough or the bed bugs are resistant, it can often make the problem worse by spreading bed bugs to other areas.

Some actions can cause the bed bugs to spread all over the house and if left untreated, the bed bug problem will careen out of control.

  • High quality chemicals may be able to eliminate all bed bugs in about thirty days but there is no guarantee. High temperature steam is also used but it creates mold, and ceilings and walls cannot be steamed anyway.
  • DE or Diatomaceous Earth produces a dust that should not be breathed and should not be depended on as a means to eradicate the bugs.
  • Bug bombs” should not be used as they may spread the bed bugs as they look for safe places around the house to hide.

What’s the Best Way to Get Rid of Bed Bug Infestation?

Once bed bug nests are identified and kept to their initial infestation, the one surefire method to getting rid of a bed bug infestation is a heat treatment. With this treatment, we use our specialty heating equipment that puts out 150-degree heat to kill bed bugs and eggs.

This 100% effective treatment can reach the deep hiding places, killing both bed bugs and their eggs. This process when correctly applied by a bed bug expert will not damage any household structure or any of your personal belongings.

If you currently suspect you have a bed bug infestation, get an in-home bed bug inspection from Phoenix Bed Bug Expert. Call us now at 623-202-7924 and get the bed bugs out of your home for good.

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